Intercity Railways

40 Refugee Detention in Eastern Express

40 refugees were detained on the Eastern Express, which was on the Kars-Ankara flight in Erzincan, and taken to Üzümlü district gendarmerie headquarters. Teams of Erzincan Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Mercan Beldesi train station on the East Ekpresi (Kars-Ankara) [more…]


There was a Syrian hospital in the tram

Samsunda was the Syrian hospital where the tram rises: The accident occurred at the Municipality Houses Station in Canik district of Samsun. According to information obtained, the 55024 tram under the management of Vatman HD is the opposite direction at the Municipal Station. [more…]

389 Macedonia

Train wait in Macedonia

Waiting for a train in Macedonia: Refugees who cross the Greek border and enter Macedonia are waiting for a train in the southern border town of Gevgeli. Macedonia is key to the transit of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. Thousands of people every day [more…]