35 Izmir

Welcome to Izmir Tram Arrived

İzmir Tram Arrived Welcome: 95 percent of the line productions have been completed Karşıyaka test rides on the tram. Passengers of the first voyage between Mavişehir-Bostanlı were Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu and members of the press from Izmir. [more…]

35 Izmir

One More Step in Konak Tram

Another step on the Konak tram: The railway project of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is carried out with the aim of bringing a new breath to the city transportation, starts on the railway line in front of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard Air Training Command. [more…]

35 Izmir

Konak Tram Reached Göztepe

Konak Tram Reached Göztepe: The Konak Tram, which will serve with 12.7 stops and 19 vehicles, on the 21 kilometer route between Fahrettin Altay Square- Konak- Halkapınar in ZMİR, has come to Göztepe Overpass. When completed [more…]

35 Izmir

Magic Touch to İzmir M.Kemal Boulevard

Magical Touch to İzmir M.Kemal Boulevard. İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality is going to make a temporary arrangement in the middle median during the tram works on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard. Trees and shrubs will be moved to İnciraltı Urban Forest as of January 11th. Rail [more…]

35 Izmir

Konak tram line began laying rails

Rails of Konak tram line started:Karşıyaka İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which completed 40 percent of the rail laying works in the tram, started the rail laying works of the Konak line in front of the Air Training Command. Mustafa Kemal [more…]

14 Bolu

Wagon from Bolu Municipality

Wagon Statement from Bolu Municipality: Bolu Municipality made a statement regarding the news about the cost of locomotives and wagons exhibited in Karaçayır Park… Bolu Municipality, the cost of locomotives and wagons exhibited in Karaçayır Park [more…]


Trolley built in Eskisehir

The construction of the lines that will connect the existing tram lines to three different points of the city has been accelerated. The lines planned to be completed at the end of the year are now slowly towards the city center. [more…]

35 Izmir

In the heart of İZBAN city

Torbalılılar waiting for the excitement of the High Speed ​​train is moving at full speed. Rail laying and sleeper placement work reached the city center. The works will be completed in 1 months The process is fast on the İZBAN line extended from CUMAOVASI to Torbalı [more…]


Train is a life

The Train is a Life compilation is a valuable study of the trains, people who witness the cinema, coups, encounters and every aspect of life in the country. What kind of transportation is the train? According to some [more…]

marmaray trains
34 Istanbul

Mapfre Assurance to Marmaray

The signaling and rail laying works of the Marmaray Project were secured by MAPFRE GENEL SİGORTA. The policy for the works with a collateral of approximately 900 million euros was realized with the reinsurance support provided by MAPFRE Global Risk. [more…]


Tram goes to Karataş

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation in June 2.Etap Karataş Region Rail System study approached the end of the first test drive was made. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Head of Science Department Hasan Hüseyin Sülü [more…]

34 Istanbul

Generali's assurance for 'Marmaray'

Generali Sigorta insured the rail laying, construction, electrical and mechanical systems of Marmaray Project with 1.5 billion Euro collateral under Construction All Risk policy. Generali Sigorta General Manager Mine Ayhan, the most important transportation in the world [more…]