34 Istanbul

Bosphorus and FSM Bridge 3.

Bosphorus and FSM Bridge Captured Half of the 3 Bridge: The toll of Istanbul's first and second bridges is expected to be put into service at the latest May 2016, after the General Directorate of Highways has made bridges and highways. [more…]


HGS Response of Truck Drivers

HGS Response of Truck Drivers: TIR drivers in Trabzon in some provinces of the Rapid Transition System (HGS) to react to the punishments behind them after they make the transition. Retired teacher Hacı 34 has been driving TIR for years in Trabzon [more…]


HGS system collapsed

The HGS system has collapsed: In HGS, which has been implemented in highway and bridge crossings for two years, the problems are incessant. The system, which has victimized thousands of drivers because of the reading error, paid the toll of 1.75 TL to 165 TL. [more…]


Defective HGS

Rebellion against HGS penalties that were cut incorrectly: Drivers who faced thousands of pounds due to errors in the Rapid Transition System (HGS) rebelled. Rapid Transition System (HGS) applied to speed up the traffic flow in motorway and bridge crossings. [more…]


HGS penalty on the tractor

HGS fine for the tractor: The driver of the tractor, living in Karaman, who was fined 286 liras for violating the Rapid Transit System (HGS) on the Ankara-Istanbul Highway, is astonished by the event. Kadir, a farmer living in the town of Akçaşehir, connected to the center [more…]


Car owners attention

Vehicle owners attention: Thousands of vehicle owners who do not have a card or have insufficient or defective balances on motorways and bridges are in 2013 according to figures announced by General Directorate of Highways. [more…]


Pay attention to HGS debt!

Pay attention to HGS debt: Your HGS debt may be more than the value of your vehicle. If you haven't made a HGS debt inquiry by this time, do it. Because it's a surprise figure you've never even thought of. [more…]


2014 HGS and OGS Criminal Inquiry

2014 HGS and OGS Criminal Inquiry: In the Fast Pass System (HGS), which is launched this year on bridges and highways, a member of the Automatic Pass System (OGS) is a member of the HGS, the passages made from the HGS and the OGS are from June. [more…]