44 UK

Bible panic in the UK train

An interesting event took place in London, the capital of England. At the train station in the Wimbledon area, a man began reading the Bible aloud inside the train. The man who read aloud passages from the Bible caused panic. One [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Adiyamanda trains hit the train car electric

The young man who got on the train car in Adıyaman was electrocuted: The young man, who was caught in an electric current of 25 thousand volts, was seriously injured in the wagon of the freight train he went out to take pictures in Adıyaman. Golbasi district yesterday afternoon [more…]

7 Russia

Bomb alarm in 3 train station in Russia

Bomb alarm at 3 train stations in Russia: After the phone calls containing a bomb threat came in Moscow, the capital of Russia KazanAbout 3 people were evacuated from the railway stations of , Yaroslav and Leningrad. THOUSAND FROM 3 STATIONS [more…]

49 Germany

Bomb panic at Cologne Train Station

Bomb panic at the Cologne Train Station: Upon a bomb threat at the train station in Cologne, Germany, the security forces evacuated the people at the station. As a result of the investigations, it was learned that the report was unfounded. [more…]

32 Belgium

Bomb alert in Brussels… Train station evacuated

Bomb alarm in Brussels… The train station was evacuated: Two policemen were stabbed in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, two train stations in the city were evacuated because of the suspicious package. The incident occurred in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels in the afternoon. From the abdomen and necks [more…]

44 UK

Fire at the train station in London

Fire at the train station in London: It has been reported that a fire broke out at the Vauxhall train station in the center of London, the capital of England. After the fire that broke out on the rails at the train station, the London Fire Brigade said in a statement that firefighters [more…]

Intercity Railways

Security Cameras of the Tarsus Train Station

Tarsus Train Station Security Cameras were claimed to be: Tarsus Train Station, a police burglary investigating the incident of a burglary, wanted to examine the security cameras of the station, alleged that the outside of the station was alleged. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Florya Train Station

Florya Train Station will be in place: Renewed within the scope of Marmaray, the story of the snake is returned to Gebze.Halkalı Aqua Florya was changed by moving the Florya Station on the commuter train line. [more…]