We're ready to invest ALSTOM turkiyeye
33 France

French Alstom 'Ready to Invest in Turkey'

French Alstom's Middle East and Turkey General Manager Sougoufar stating that Turkey's railway transport has a unique position in the "Both local as well as opportunities for our users, we closely follow the main line operator. invest in Turkey [more…]

middle east regional council rame meeting held
06 Ankara

UIC Middle East Regional Board RAME Meeting Held

The International Railways Association (UIC) Middle East Regional Board (RAME) Meeting was held on 08.12.2020 at the General Directorate Meeting Hall by video conference method. RAME President and TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, UIC General Manager François Davenne, [more…]

Adana is the stop of General Manager Yazıcı this week
01 Adana

Adana is the stop of General Manager Yazıcı this week

Kamuran Yazıcı, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, visited Adana Region this week as part of the study tours. Yazıcı, who also held a consultation meeting with the NGO representatives that he has made a tradition, also visited the 5th district of the General Directorate of Highways, the former institution. [more…]

Visit from TÜRASAŞ to Sivas TSO
58 Sivas

Visit from TÜRASAŞ to Sivas TSO

TCDD Three subsidiaries of TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ TÜLOMSAŞ established as a result combining the General Directorate of Turkey Rail System Utilities Industry Corporation (TÜRASAŞ) General Manager Mustafa Copywriter and his retinue Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber (STSO) Board of Directors [more…]

transport and infrastructure minister met with his wife in irani with karaismailog
06 Ankara

Transport Ministers of Turkey and Iran Discuss Railway Transport

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, had a videoconference meeting with the Minister of Road and Urban Planning of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Eslami today. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu was at the meeting, primarily due to the coronavirus epidemic seen all over the world. [more…]

Statement from TCDD on TULOMSAS Land
26 Eskisehir

Statement by TCDD about TULOMSAS Land

The news about the 123-hectare land of TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir and the statement of Utku Çakırözer were denied by TCDD. In the statement made by TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate, the following statements were made: In some media organs, 'TULOMSAŞ's 123 hectares of land [more…]

First session of the digital future summit was held

First Session of Digital Future Summit Held

TCDD Tasimacilik General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı: Our passengers, who are currently following the Digital Future Summit, can send us their thoughts and complaints via WhatsApp and receive feedback within 15 minutes or comment on our social media accounts. [more…]

being a woman on a male-dominated railway
34 Istanbul

Being a Woman on a Male Sovereign Railway

I met the Railway Sector in 2006 with DTD (Railway Transport Association). Before this date, I was a person who worked in a different sector, loved trains remotely, and traveled intercity by train only once in my high school years. Accident where my path crosses [more…]

reaching a thousand kilometers network in the target year on railways
06 Ankara

Reaching 2023 thousand Kilometers Network in 18

An average of 2003 kilometers of railway line was built annually on railways between 2019 and 135. The goal is to complete 2023 thousand 5 kilometers of new railway line by 509 and reach a network of 18 thousand kilometers. Anatolian lands, steam locomotive in the world [more…]

Contact Ali directly
06 Ankara

Regional Logistics Base in Turkey

TCDD General Director Ali Ihsan appropriate Raillif magazine's February 2020 issue of the "Logistics Base Area Turkey" article was published. HERE IS THE LETTER OF TCDD GENERAL MANAGER UYGUN The increasing international trade volume also affects the development of the railway sector. [more…]