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RayHaber Magazine issue 6

Hello, The steady growth in the railway sector continues at a rapid pace. With both the modernization of conventional lines and the expansion of new high-speed train lines, Turkey is the largest rail market in Europe. In addition, with the railway preferences in urban transportation, [more…]

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RayHaber Magazine 6. number published

RayHaber The 6th issue of the magazine has been published. The main subject of our magazine, which includes our domestic rail manufacturer KARDEMİR AŞ on its cover, is domestic rail production. You can read our special cover topic on the subject from this link in our online magazine. Earlier [more…]

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RayHaber Magazine issue 5

Hello, our railway sector in Turkey is progressing rapidly with the liberalization of TCDD. Rail systems, which are growing every day and renewing themselves technologically, are widely used both for intercity trains and for urban transportation. [more…]

34 Istanbul

The wealth of Haydarpasha

The richness of Haydarpaşa: Every stone that raises the 105-year-old Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which seems to have been abandoned despite its majesty, has historical significance. Everything from the platforms to the pier was finely constructed. Inside [more…]

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RayHaber Magazine issue 4

Hello again, The speed of our steps in the fast growing railway sector is increasing day by day! The biggest indication of this is that we connect the two continents that we previously connected with suspension bridges by railroads from underground. Therefore, the century [more…]


RayHaber Magazine issue 3

Hello again, in our country, which is the bridge between Europe and Asia in recent years is quite remarkable railway breakthroughs. New projects and upgrading of existing lines by expanding the railways Turkey offers new opportunities for investors. [more…]


RayHaber Magazine issue 1

Hello from the kitchen of the sector; Besides the high-speed train line in the target about 10 10 thousand kilometers in length is planned in the coming year period, metro and tram projects with Turkey, the largest rail market in Europe [more…]