Railway Construction Yearly 135 KM

Railway Construction Annual 135 KM TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman When they took office, they said that they were struggling with many different problems of the railways and even expressed their thoughts about the closure, the government decided to improve the railways. [more…]


Leave or renew land train

Leaving or renewing the land train TCDD draft law should have covered the philosophy and basic steps of the structural change program in the country's railways. 'Draft Law on Liberalization of Railway Transport in Turkey' (Law), in the first week of March [more…]


Black Sea Railway to Open the World

Let's Open the World with the Black Sea Railway Rize City Council Railway Working Group President Hamit Turna, in his statement drew attention to the importance of the Black Sea Railway. Turna said, en While the age of railroads in the world starts again, the Black Sea Railway [more…]

Intercity Railways

How-To Railway

Paving a railroad is to build a road built on one or many rails without the trains coming and going, ups and downs and very sharp curves. Accordingly, a railway [more…]


Bağcı revived Çorum railway demand

Bağcı brought Çorum railway demand back to the agenda Cahit Bağcı, Member of the Parliamentary Budget Committee, brought the Çorum railway demand back to the agenda. AK Party Member of Parliament Çorum Member of the Parliamentary Budget Committee Cahit [more…]

iran trade
98 Iran

Iran has entered the trade rail

Iranian Minister of Transport and Urbanization Ali Nikzad, who visited Turkey, said, "We have concluded the purchase of 120 thousand tons of rail from Turkey with Minister Yıldırım," said Ali Nikzad, Minister of Transport and Urbanization of the Islamic Republic of Iran. [more…]

A current map TCDD Railway 2018 2

The Golden Age of Railways

TCDD, which is one of the most important organizations of the country with its 1,5-century history, has reached its peak in the last 156 years, which started its growth efforts 10 years ago. 1950 years per year from the 2000s to the early 18s [more…]