Samsun memory is dropping

Samsun's memory is being erased: Emin Kırbıyık, Chairman of Samsun Local History Group, criticized the transformation of TCDD Maintenance and Repair Workshop into Surgical Instruments Museum. Kırbıyık said, “The city's memory is being erased. We submit our application to the necessary authorities for the cancellation of this initiative. [more…]

44 UK

Flying Scotsman on roads again

Flying Scotsman is on the road again: King's Cross station, one of London's largest train stations, witnessed a historic moment last Thursday. Flying Scotsman, one of the most famous trains in the world, is located in York, England. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sirkeci Railway Station 125 years old

Sirkeci Station is 125 years old: The foundation of Sirkeci Station, Istanbul's gateway to Europe, was laid on February 11, 1888. Having a magnificent architecture, the station was built on November 3, 1890, 125 years from now. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Travel Trip Re-organized by Railways

A Travel Trip with Railways was organized A train trip between Ashkale and Erzurum was organized within the scope of the program again. Yunus Yeşilyurt, Erzurum Operations Manager, introduced TCDD more effectively by creating an awareness of its objectives and [more…]