06 Ankara

Address of local needs Clusters

Finance Minister Naci Ağbal said, yine OSTİM is again a pioneer in this field. With the clusters it creates, it will form the basis of domestic and national production. We will meet these needs through these clusters. Biz [more…]

16 Bursa

Security Issue in Bursaray

Bursa's apple of the eye, rail transportation from the pen of Aykut Gül. Undoubtedly, rail systems are the center of transportation in Bursa. Especially traveling by metro halves the city's public transport traffic. Moreover, by metro to the desired point [more…]


Trabzon is delayed in rail system

12 provinces in Turkey have urban rail transportation solutions. The cities that use at least one of the METRO tram or suburban trains, which will make the two tram lines in Erzincan and Erzurum as the Ministry of Transport, are as follows: [more…]

351 Portugal

Train Chief Warns, Tok Bride Don't Love

Train chief warned, Come full, don't faint: Fertagus company, which provides rail transportation between Portugal's capital Lisbon and the city of Setubal, 50 kilometers south, made an interesting warning to its passengers. In the first six months of the year, [more…]


Melikgazi Support to Rail Transport in Kayseri

Melikgazi support for rail transportation in Kayseri: Melikgazi Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç made a great contribution to Kayseri city transportation, as well as Melikgazi support for the rail transportation network that carries thousands of people with its comfort and convenience. [more…]

34 Istanbul

How does Marmaray derail

How does Marmaray derail: Istanbul Marmaray train wagon 12 derailed in April. Passengers had to walk on emergency routes inside the tunnel. The flights between Ayrılıkçeşme and Üsküdar were stopped. TCDD on the subject [more…]

Commuter Trains

General evaluation of rail transport systems

General evaluation of rail transportation systems: The rapid investment projects carried out by the railway administration and local administrations in recent years, especially in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Eskisehir, Adana, Kayseri, Konya, Antalya, Samsun and [more…]

34 Istanbul

Vezneciler Metro Station opened

Vezneciler Metro Station opened: With the opening of the Golden Horn Bridge last month, metro services reached Yenikapı, and with the opening of the Vezneciler Station on the route, transportation to Istanbul University Beyazıt Campus became very easy. Vezneciler Metro Station put into service [more…]

35 Izmir

53 bin tree every year

Get to the subway every year Save the 53 thousand trees: Rail systems such as subway, suburban, and soothing urban traffic protect the environment with energy efficiency and less carbon emissions. Approximately every day in Izmir [more…]