Istanbul metro car is shared
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Istanbul Metro Carnet Shared

In line with the principle of transparent and accountable municipalism, İBB started to share the Business Performance Scorecard of METRO İSTANBUL A.Ş. with Istanbul residents every month. Nearly 60 million passengers were transported by rail systems in Istanbul in January. Passenger [more…]

Istanbul's rail systems were discussed
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Istanbul's Rail Systems are on the Table!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality held a Rail Systems Workshop in which broad participation from academicians to sector representatives was provided. The workshop focused on the work done to date on the rail systems in Istanbul and the steps to be taken thereafter. [more…]

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Mayor Topbaş Discussed Istanbul's Snow Test

Mayor Topbaş Told Istanbul's Snow Test: Mayor Topbaş gave information to the members of AKOM about the snow-fighting activities in Istanbul and stated that the main roads are open throughout the city and that the citizens of Istanbul use snow tires. [more…]

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Havaray will fly this area

Havaray will fly this region: Preparations for the Havaray lines, which are planned to ease the traffic in Istanbul and integrate the rail systems, are being carried out rapidly. In the last days of 2014, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started its new projects that will ease the traffic in Istanbul. [more…]


Why do we go to the wall in the infrastructure

We hit the wall in infrastructure: We can see that we have serious difficulties in planning the future by looking at transportation and communication investments. 3 planned for Istanbul. It is a good example that the airport tender is held too late. 'Ataturk Airport [more…]

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Increase in Rail System Use in Istanbul

There is an increase in the use of rail systems in Istanbul: According to the data of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2013 Transportation Report, the transportation habits of Istanbul residents have changed with the introduction of new rail systems. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2013 Transportation Report data [more…]

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Istanbul with the most rail system

Istanbul, the city with the highest number of rail systems: Speaking at the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro contract signing ceremony; Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, talked about the works on infrastructure and transportation in Istanbul. 'MAXIMUM RAIL [more…]