16 Bursa

High speed train to Bursa

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Italy and Poland, the high-speed train infrastructure in Bursa will be made reported. Expressing that they aim to make the city a brand by using all the values ​​of Bursa in the best way. [more…]


Cheapest Energy Source Savings

The cheapest source of energy is saving The limited energy resources in the world have pushed humanity into different quests. Instead of the 70 cylinder monster vehicles of the 6 years, energy-efficient vehicles are more common today. [more…]


Sakarya Rail Systems OSB

Sakarya, which has entered a period of rapid decline for 25-30 years, has become a province of wonder. As if they were going to do something important that would shock Turkey, with the names of the Union, Assembly, Board, Platform, Council, Common Mind. [more…]