34 Istanbul

If we do this in Istanbul traffic ends

If we do these, will the traffic end in Istanbul: 7 proposal that could be a solution against Istanbul traffic was presented. There are interesting ones in it. NEW WAYS CONDITION Urbanization Expert. Dr. Recep Bozlagan, Istanbul traffic day by day [more…]

34 Istanbul

50 Discount in Istanbul

50 discount on transportation in Istanbul: 2 tidings to Istanbul residents: 16 When schools are opened, public transport will be free between 06.00-13.00 hours on September Monday. Also during the Feast of Sacrifice [more…]

34 Istanbul

Akbil app gives citizens the victim

Akbil application makes citizens suffer: The replacement of money in public transportation vehicles in Istanbul by Akbil brought some problems with it. With this application, which makes the use of Akbil mandatory, citizens who do not have Akbil [more…]


Tram and Municipality Buses in Gaziantep

Trams and Municipal Buses in Gaziantep are Free on Holiday: It is reported that public transportation vehicles belonging to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will be free of charge during Ramadan Feast, and Private Public buses will be 50 percent discounted. belonging to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Manisaya Light Rail System

Manisa needs Light Rail System In recent years due to the increasing number of vehicles and the lack of road network drowned in itself Manisa'ya Governor Abdurrahman Savas a proposal to be taken into consideration. Governor War [more…]


Malatya Trambus Tender 22 Xantom 2013

Public transportation vehicles that we have been accustomed to for years will be replaced by Trambuses after a while. The tender will be held on April 22… The public transportation vehicles we have been accustomed to for years will soon be replaced by Trambuses. The tender will be held on April 22. [more…]

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Burulaş call center with a phone close up

Burulaş call center and your bus are as close as a phone… Thanks to the European standards call center put into service by Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, citizens can reach the nearest bus stop, get to the bus with just one phone call. [more…]

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Antalya attacks on public transportation

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Akaydın'ın instructions on the public transportation of Antalya has made attacks on Varsak not only Republic Square, but everywhere in Antalya has become easier public transportation. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning [more…]