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China-European Railway re-on the agenda

Sino-European Railway is on the agenda again: 19 tourism mobility methods in the world. It has not changed significantly since the end of the century. We are still far behind a qualitative change in general and our predictions for the future [more…]

Intercity Railways

Special transport will start on railways

16 high-speed rail line and renewal investments on railways, 10 will add another thousand kilometers. What is more important is the new investments to be made in this field and the privatization that will take place with it. This year [more…]


New project will be suitable for light rail system

Turgut Özal boulevard will change the face of the new arrangement work 'light rail' system will be made according to. THE INFRASTRUCTURE WILL BE SUITABLE FOR THE RAIL SYSTEM The new Turgut Özal Boulevard project, which was tendered the previous day, created excitement in the city, [more…]