udem haksen head peker minimum salary net must be 2350 tl

When to Promote Bank Promotion

When to Subcontract Bank Promotion: Ten million pensioners have finally reached a solution, though not enough. For years, funny running like 1404 TL has been working in poor conditions and maintaining their lives [more…]


TCCD Employees Promote Promotion Agreement

TCDD Employees Promotion Agreement Has Been Established: TCDD Employees 'Bank Promotion negotiations covering 2014-2017 have been concluded with agreement. An agreement has been reached to make payments to TCDD employees' accounts at a time of 1400 TL. [more…]


TCDD Promotional Tender Postponed

TCDD Promotion Tender Postponed: A meeting was held today (19.11.2013) at 14.00 in the TCDD General Directorate meeting room regarding the promotions to be paid to the personnel working in the workplaces affiliated to the TCDD General Directorate. Chairman of the meeting [more…]