06 Ankara

What will be the Kecioren subway

What will be the Keçiören metro? 214 projects were opened in Ankara yesterday with the participation of the Prime Minister. While concreting stood out in the projects, even the renewal of 11 buildings' exteriors were added to the list. The Prime Minister said, "They laid the groundwork, they could not, we introduced Ankara to the metro" [more…]


Without YHT

Not without YHT: You will give the right to Yigidin. The fast train is the work of a prime minister with brave decision-making ability, a visionary and energetic minister, and a faithful bureaucratic staff. A civilization that emerged with a sweat and a lot of pain [more…]

34 Istanbul

From the Prime Minister to Topbaşa subway praise

Prime Minister Topbaşa's praise for the metro: Prime Minister Erdoğan thanked Kadir Topbaş for his metro investments in his speech to Ulusa. Erdogan; He announced that the length of the metro in Istanbul will reach 708 kilometers. Erdogan; In 2004, when Topbaş took office, 45 kilometers [more…]

06 Ankara

Sending the President for Ankara Metro

Sending Mayor Gökçeke for Ankara Metro Çankaya Mayor Bülent Tanık said, “The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality is adept at telling me that I did things that he did not do” to the question of the press member. Bülent Tanık continued as follows; "Prime Minister for Ankara Metro, [more…]

Intercity Railways

Bayburtun Centennial Imaginary Silk Railway Conference

Karadeniz Technical University Head of Transportation Department Dr. Fazıl Çelik gave a lecture on İp Bayburt's Centennial Imaginary Silk Railway Faz. The opening speech was made at Bayburt University prior to the conference held at Bayburt University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. [more…]


Death of Iron Horses and Fast Train Robbery

We built with highways in 10 years, Motherland. From Four Heads You know everything, the Prime Minister's; “On June 4th 2004” “They always talked. They said we knit with nets. What did you say other than words !? We knit. We will knit even more, God willing! " and “18. Year [more…]


Where's the light rail going?

The title of yesterday's article was ise Heavy Railroads in Light Rail “and the subject was the contradictory numbers in the number of passengers. Contradictions are not limited to the number of passengers; Information pollution is present in almost every issue. The explanations that do not match each other from the route to the cost are included in the newspaper archives, activity reports and [more…]

16 Bursa


My humble suggestion to those who rule Bursa; The energy they will spend for BHY for BUR-BAN. "What is BUR-BAN?" he may be asking. I named BUR-BAN after IZBAN in Izmir. It is the system that eases the transportation burden in Izmir, opened by Prime Minister Erdogan himself. [more…]


Another monopoly ends

It has been the top priority of governments in the LAST 30 years. Despite privatization for so long, the number of areas where the state is a monopoly is quite high. One of the biggest of them is the State Railways (TCDD). TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman's wit [more…]

35 Izmir


Kılıçdaroğlu stated that the government did not contribute to the construction of the metro in İzmir and said, “Why don't you contribute to İzmir. In the last part of his speech on September 8, Mr. Prime Minister says: “We do not consider that the opposition has a municipality here. Saying I have people here [more…]


Entering the EU with High Speed ​​Train and MQ

Tragicomic, but a fact; We are in the deception of entering the EU with "high speed train" and "stone chips". Prime Minister, at the opening of Istanbul's metro; "10. Takes place in the Year Anthem; 'We knit with iron nets' or something. What did you knit? I have decided to write when I said "You don't knit anything or anything", [more…]


Ask the Man 10. Year Anthem

We have come to these days as a generation that has raised our teachers and elders in our eyes, does not fail in respect and love and adopts them as idols. We've glorified them so and we've often seen them as inaccessible, often elt [more…]


Minister Yıldırım: The Style Debates in Railway Debates

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım was the guest of Sevilay Yükselir in A Haber's 100% Politics program. Answering the questions on the agenda, Minister Yıldırım made striking statements about the AK Party for 3 periods, the railways discussions and the third airport to Istanbul. [more…]


Prime File for Trabzon Logistics Center

The Governor of Trabzon, who has been working hard to establish a Logistics Center in TRABZON, Dr. Recep Cranberry will prepare a comprehensive file and present it to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Governor Kızılcık, who frequently met with the experts in the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, [more…]

06 Ankara

Which burglar is hiding in the subway!

Thieves are eating municipal money; "We have made the goods face to face," he was lying to the police, prosecutor, the judge, the court, the prime minister, ministers, the power of the feeding press had started. The charges were too heavy. The 130 defendant was on trial. 22 was put in jail. All [more…]


Duck head with iron nets

Prime Minister Erdogan recalled the line "We knit with iron nets" from the 10th Anniversary March in his speech at the opening of the Istanbul metro a while ago. "10. Takes place in the Year Anthem; 'we knit with iron nets What did you knit? Saying "You don't knit anything" [more…]

34 Istanbul

10 road shortened by the time the Metro drove the Prime Minister

Kadıköy- Eagle metro was opened with a magnificent ceremony. The distance decreased to 32 minutes thanks to the metro. However, when the Prime Minister himself used the metro for the first time, the road shortened by 10 minutes. ISTANBUL - The first subway of the Anatolian Side was put into service yesterday. KadıköyThe place between the eagle [more…]