megenliler does not want the upper passage
14 Bolu

Megenli does not want an overpass

Plates The point that connects Yaziyaka and Turkbeyli Neighborhood is about the unwanted overpass, the Mayor Turhan Bulut, the members of the Municipal Council and our citizens, press in front of the Turkbeyli Divan Mosque after the Friday prayers. [more…]

basiskele batti output lighting maintenance
41 Kocaeli

Başiskele Battı Output Lighting Maintenance

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Building Control Department also carries out maintenance and repair of visual illumination, energy lighting and mechanical works of pedestrian overpasses in the areas under its responsibility, in addition to the maintenance of elevators and escalators in overpasses. This [more…]

capitalized children learn the rules of entertainment by having fun
06 Ankara

Capital City Teenagers Have Fun Learning Traffic Rules

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality teaches the traffic rules in a fun way to the children of the capital at the Traffic Education Center in Kurtuluş Park. To the little ones; All kinds of traffic training, from the rules that pedestrians and drivers must obey to the rules for bicycle riding and service [more…]

ton top
41 Kocaeli

95 Ton Overpass 1 Overnight

In addition to vehicles in traffic, the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide new and modern pedestrian overpasses for the pedestrians. Çetin Emeç Overpass, located in the Yenidoğan neighborhood of İzmit [more…]

another modern night
41 Kocaeli

Another Modern Overpass to Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made significant investments in transportation, continues to implement important projects in order to facilitate the transportation of pedestrians as well as vehicle traffic. Izmit district Kabaoglu District Prof.Dr. Dr. Pedestrian constructed on Baki Komsuoğlu Street [more…]

kosekoy koprulu intersection was built in the upper passage entered service
41 Kocaeli

Overpass Built at Köseköy Interchange

A modern steel overpass was built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to Köseköy Köprülü Junction, which connects to Kartepe district center and carries vehicle traffic on the Istanbul - Ankara route. Built by the Department of Science, 53 meters [more…]

dive and bridges on the roadside
41 Kocaeli

Bridge, Dalcik and Roadside Railings Painted in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality does not neglect to intervene in the parts of these structures that wear out and deteriorate over time while implementing superstructure works that bring comfort to transportation. In this context, the intersection that the Metropolitan Municipality has brought to the city has sunk, overpass and [more…]

kosekoy bridge
41 Kocaeli

Modern Overpass to Köseköy Bridge Interchange

A modern steel overpass is being built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to Köseköy Köprülü Junction, which connects to Kartepe district center and carries vehicle traffic on the Istanbul - Ankara route. 53 meters long, built by the Department of Transportation [more…]

kocaelide is increasing the number of modern closed stops
41 Kocaeli

Number of Modern Closed Stops is Increasing in Kocaeli

Pauses, which are used intensively in daily life and which are the basic elements of passenger service, are being renewed. As part of the services carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, the stops are modernized in order to make the citizens comfortable and safe. [more…]

prof baki is coming to komsuoglu street
41 Kocaeli

Prof. Overpass Comes to Baki Komsuoğlu Street

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by Kabaoğlu Mahallesi in the district of Izmit. The tender for the pedestrian overpass project, which will be awarded to Baki Komsuoğlu Street, was held in the Metropolitan Municipality's service building. TÜRGEV ​​dormitory on the street leading to the tender [more…]

malkocoglu mehmet bey met the top pass
41 Kocaeli

Malkoçoğlu Mehmet Bey Overpass Introduced

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide services for uninterrupted and comfortable transportation throughout the city. The construction of pedestrian bridges is also not neglected in order to ensure the safety of citizens in crossings. In this context, Gebze D-100 above [more…]

marines big city 14 pedestrian
20 Denizli

14 Pedestrian Overpasses from Denizli Metropolitan

The 14 pedestrian overpasses, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has brought to the city so far, provides great convenience in transportation and prevents loss of life and property. Emphasizing that they brought these works to Denizli in order to keep the life safety of citizens at a higher level [more…]

from top to university students
07 Antalya

Good News of Overpass from Türel to University Students

Mayor Menderes Türel, the guest of the university students, said that a detachable overpass will be built at the northern entrance of the university in January until the multi-storey intersection project begins, and safe passage will be provided for students. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes [more…]

cayirova traffic training ends in parkinda
41 Kocaeli

Çayırova Traffic Training Park Ended

Xnumx year by changing the face of the town with the giant part of his giant Çayırova'ya modern and liveable city identity that gives the City of Çayırova Traffic Education Park, which began construction in recent months, came to an end. Rapidly growing districts need to [more…]


Çayırova Traffic Education Park Shaping

In Kocaeli, the investment mobilization of Çayırova Mayor Şevki Demirci, left behind by 4,5, is rapidly progressing with new projects. Demirci, who completed the 70 project over the years left behind and presented many investments to the use of Çayırova people, is one of the projects of 2018 year. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Access to the Coast was Flooded

Republican People's Party Zonguldak Deputy Deniz Yavuzyılmaz continues to work on removing the overpass that facilitates access to Tersane Beach and OrtaKapuz. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) crews removed the overpass to reach the coast using the absence of national railway. Deputy [more…]