omsana atlas logistics awards
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OMSAN Receives 3 Award from Atlas Logistics Awards

3 Awards to OMSAN from Atlas Logistics Awards; OMSAN Logistics won 10 Atlas Awards in the categories of International Logistics Operators, International Maritime Transport Companies and Railway Transport Companies at the 3 Atlas Logistics Awards this year. OMSAN, one of OYAK companies [more…]

34 Istanbul

OMSAN's Logistics and Success Award of the Year

OMSAN the OYAK Group Companies Logistics, in a year in December 2017 first performing the automobile transport by rail project that began in Turkey organized by UTA Logistics Magazine Logistics won the Achievement Award of the Year. 14 Manager and company from different sectors in May [more…]

34 Istanbul

UTIKAD Participated in Logitrans Fair

UTIKAD Logitrans Fair 'n Joins: Turkey's logistics fair Logitrans the 8th time in Istanbul Expo Center in 22 countries brought together close to 200 participants. UTIKAD Board Chairman Turgut Erkeskin made a speech at the opening ceremony. UTIKAD President [more…]

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