Nostalgic train good news from Göksu

Nostalgic train good news from Göksu: Mayor M. Tevfik Göksu, who spoke at the Ramadan events organized by Esenler Municipality, said that the Nostalgic Train Line Project that will pass through Dörtyol Square was approved by Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

13 Bitlis

Nostalgic Train in Tatvan

Nostalgic Train in Tatvan: On the coast of Tatvan district of Bitlis, the nostalgic train started to serve the citizens. Burhan Cheese, the owner of the business, said in a statement that a nostalgic tour was offered to the citizens during the summer on the shore of Lake Van in Tatvan district. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Black Train in Tuzla

Black Train in Tuzla: The Black Train, which was brought from Uşak Station by Tuzla Municipality to be exhibited in the district, started to welcome its guests and enthusiasts with its 74-year history. For many years, in the Turkish Republic State Railways, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tuzlaliler met with nostalgic train

Tuzlalılar met with nostalgic trains: Nostalgic Train, which serves between Tuzla Marina and Tuzla IDO Pier, started its services with free flights. Nostalgic Train, before the Feast of Sacrifice began flights to the coast of Tuzla. Tuzla Marina [more…]

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Prohibited in Free Gaziantep in Istanbul

Free in Istanbul Forbidden in Gaziantep There seems to be no one who doesn't know the cuteness of the nostalgic train on Istiklal Street in Istanbul… Especially tourists almost compete with each other to have their photos taken while the train is passing. Vatman must be used to it, too. [more…]

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Haydarpaşa being kidnapped

Haydarpaşa is kidnapped with ISTANBUL Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Kadıköy Among the municipality Kadıköy The polemic about Square continues. He emphasized that there is an entire plan that brings structuring around Haydarpaşa Station. President Öztürk said: “Your plan [more…]