16 Bursa

Burhanin Feshanesi is done in the forest area

The Feshane of Bursa is built in a forested area: Bursa's 'Feshane' is established in Uludağ. Work has been initiated for 'Feshane', which is planned to be built in Kadıyayla, the first station of the cable car that transports passengers to the city center and Uludağ Hotels Region. Citizens on the cable car [more…]

16 Bursa

Reaction to the extension of the cable car to hotels

Reaction to the extension of the cable car to the hotels area: The 'Uludağ Touch Platform' reacted to the cutting of trees for the ropeway project to be built in Uludağ. Members of the 'Uludag Touch Platform', in the new ropeway project, which is under construction, state officials, without cutting trees. [more…]


When will the icon of the Bursa be opened?

When will the cable car, the symbol of Bursa, be opened: It is aimed to provide daily transportation to Uludağ in 20 minutes and to use the bed capacity in summer and winter, with the cable car line for which work has been started. As the longest cable car system in the world [more…]

16 Bursa

The cable car in jurisdiction

The cable car in Bursa was brought to justice: In Uludağ, one of Turkey's leading winter tourism centers, the construction of the cable car line, which was started last year and is planned to be completed in a short time like one year, was blocked by the court. [more…]