06 Ankara

Gas leak during Baskentray's work

Gas leakage during Başkentray works: While railroad line work is underway within the scope of BaşkentRay project in many parts of Ankara, gas leakage experienced in the evening has alarmed the fire department and police. [more…]


Natural gas line exploded in tramway operation

Natural gas pipeline exploded in the tramway operation: While the works of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the tram project continued at full speed, the construction of the natural gas pipe of the construction machine during the excavation caused a short time panic. [more…]

06 Ankara

Natural gas explosion stopped suburban flights

Natural gas explosion halted commuter flights: During the construction work of the new station building in Ankara, the natural gas pipe exploded. Celal Bayar Boulevard, the natural gas pipeline under the construction work was damaged. In the region due to the incident [more…]