Traffic arrangement under the narlidere subway 1
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Traffic Arrangement Under Narlıdere Metro

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction works of the Narlıdere line, which will carry the 179 km rail system network even further, at full speed. Within the scope of the construction works of the District Governorship Station on the line, [more…]

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Deep Tunnel Preparation at Narlıdere Metro

For the construction of the TBM (Tunnel Machine) shaft and Balçova station to be opened by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Narlıdere Metro construction works, starting from Saturday, 14 July, Mithatpaşa Street at the Ata Street entrance junction will be located on the Sahil. [more…]

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Aliağaya Night Flights Not Possible

Night Expeditions to Aliağa Are Not Possible: Citizens who want public transportation vehicles to travel around the clock in İzmir started a petition on Public transportation services to Menemen and Aliağa after midnight [more…]

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Ankara to Narlıdere subway

Narlıdere subway approval from Ankara: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's 7.2 kilometer F.Altay-Narlıdere metro line project is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Transport. The Metropolitan Municipality prepared to apply to the Ministry of Development [more…]

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Narlıdere Metro Line Will Be Deep Tunnel

Narlıdere Metro Line Will Be Deep Tunnel: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere will make a surprise revision of the metro line between the fortification. Projected according to open-close method, application to the Ministry of Transport accordingly [more…]

Narlidere Subway
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Second Step for Narlıdere Subway

The second step for the Narlıdere subway is also complete: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the tender for ground drilling and application projects for the second part of 8.5 kilometer F.Altay-Narlıdere metro line and delivered the site. Izmir [more…]

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Finally a happy ending in Izmir Metro

Finally a happy ending in the Izmir Metro: After the completion of the last stage of the Izmir Metro, the Poligon-Fahrettin Altay section, Metro reached the Üçkuyular from Bornova. No formal ceremony was held for the project, which ended 9.5 years later. [more…]

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Nasrettin Hodja and Tram

Nasrettin Hodja and tram: A man went to Nasrettin Hodja. Quite troubled, '' My teacher would find a cure. My house is very narrow. One chick with four kids, one eye can't fit in the room. We Depressed [more…]