mesot is disinfected
33 Mersin

MEŞOT is Disinfected

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its disinfection efforts throughout the city against the coronavirus that spreads all over the world. Metropolitan teams are at Mersin Intercity Bus Terminal in the last days of intercity travel due to the coronavirus epidemic. [more…]

cycling calistayi will be organized in Mersin
33 Mersin

'Bicycle Workshop' will be held in Mersin

'Bicycle Workshop' will be held in Mersin; Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is adding a new one to Mersin's efforts to pave the way for bicycle use in a more comfortable, safe and comfortable environment. Greater Municipality, Mersin University [more…]

nostalgic tram coming to myrtle
33 Mersin

Nostalgic Tram Coming to Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality started to work on Mersin Landscape Master Plan which is a first in the history of the city. The works started under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer and are prepared by considering the views of urban dynamics. Big city [more…]