61 Trabzon

Cable car discussion in Ortahisar

Ropeway discussion in Ortahisar: Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genc, ​​while answering the questions of CHP Group President Turgay Sahin regarding the Ropeway Project, it was revealed that he had asked from Gümüsçüoğlu to do the project before but could not receive it. [more…]


Prime Minister of Trabzona Logistics center gospel

Prime Minister Trabzona Logistics Center Good News: Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Prime Minister Erdogan requested the approval of the logistics industry transfer center. Request from Prime Minister Erdoğan, President of Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry [more…]

61 Trabzon

Akçatepeye Cable Car Project

Akçatepeye Ropeway Project will do: because of the intense desire and desire of the people noted that robbery robbed Ahmet Guner, equipped and ready told us. Blew: Mr. Day is March 30 2014 history in Turkey, and Trabzon'umuzda [more…]


Boztepeye cable car to be made

Boztepeye ropeway will be made in the Municipality of Trabzon 61 project, but 1.5 years ago in the assessment of 'not feasible' he removed the shelf saying that the ropeway Boztepe came up again. Trabzon Municipality [more…]