Bus stop work from Malatya municipality

Bus stop work from Malatya municipality: It has been reported that the construction of bus stops on Malatya Ring Road is continuing. According to the written statement made by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the square and the surrounding area between Şire Pazarı and Malatya Courthouse. [more…]


Expanding Yeşilyurt Road

Yeşilyurt Road is Expanding: Within the scope of Malatya-Yeşilyurt road expansion works, participation was made from the Apricot Research Station area. Malatya Municipality within the framework of the central district Yeşilyurt highway expansion work Apricot Research Station to Yesilyurt [more…]


Malatya Trambus tender approved

Tender commission despite the statements of some politicians and experts who opposed the Trolleybus (Trambus) public transportation system as “old and expensive toplu to be implemented by Malatya Municipality to solve the problem of urban traffic [more…]


Malatya trambus project is canceled?

Zeki Sarılar, the technical advisor of Malatya Mayor Ahmet Çakır and the Project Development Center Coordinator, ended the correspondence on his Twitter account. Trolleybus to be put into practice by Malatya Municipality to solve the urban traffic problem [more…]


Introduced to Trambus Press in Malatya

Trolleybus (Trambus) public transportation system, which will be implemented by Malatya Municipality, was introduced to the press. Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Alican Bozkurt, Malatya Mayor Ahmet made a press release together with other officials and interested parties [more…]


Malatya Should Be A Construction Site

Just as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan produces and implements projects for the 100th Anniversary of our Republic, namely 2023, the target in Malatya should be 2023. Malatya needs to stop being a construction site and implement new projects as soon as possible. [more…]