hinges generate their own intercity bus station energy
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Menteşe Produces Intercity Bus Station Energy

Menteşe Intercity Bus Station has provided a great contribution to the environment and the municipal budget by generating the energy it consumes from its roof thanks to its roof consisting of solar panels integrated into the structure. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality's Menteşe district with 11 Million TL investment [more…]

new connection to the bus station
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New Connection Road to Menteşe Bus Station

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mentese district after the necessary permissions to the new bus station, to ease the traffic of the new connection road construction began. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, 11 Million TL investment in the town of Menteşe [more…]

mountain bike
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Mountain Bike from Karya to Akyaka

The Mountain Bike Season Opening Event, which was held in cooperation with Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and Muğla MTB Mountain Bike Sports Club, was held in the Yaraş City Forest. Mountain biking with an event that started on May 11 and lasted for three days. [more…]

work continues for unimpeded mugla
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Work Continues for Muğla Without Barriers

In Muğla, the police teams informed the drivers by leaving the 'Don't Put You in an Obstacle' brochure on the vehicles left on the pedestrian, bicycle, disabled roads and bus stops. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality municipal police teams, especially pedestrian bus stops [more…]

Hinge New Bus Station Road Hot Asphalt
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Hinge New Bus Station Road Hot Asphalt

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Menteşe Intercity bus station and the center of the district between the 1100 meters of the Dirgeme road made of hot asphalt was made available to the citizens. Hinge of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality with 15,5 million TL investment [more…]

Great Simplicity

Great Simplicity to the Shopper

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, with the new regulation implemented “Work and Route Permit Certificates” driver to get to the loss of time and financial loss to go to where it operates. Due to its geographical structure [more…]

muglada soforlarere English training began to be given
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English Training Started for Drivers in Muğla

Muğla, which is one of the most important tourism cities of the world, started to give English education to the public transport, taxi and service vehicle drivers in partnership with Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of National Education. Muğla [more…]