06 Ankara

Ankara Metro Vehicles Production Facilities

Here is Ankara Metro Vehicles Production Facilities The Chinese railway equipment manufacturer CSR Corporation, which won the tender for the vehicle production of the Ankara metro, together with MNG Holding, produces wagons in Ankara Chamber of Industry Sincan Organized Industrial Zone. [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir also missed this train

Izmir missed this train Chinese wagon giant CSR Corporation, MNG Holding in Xinjiang, 110 million wagon production facility has decided to establish a new investment in Izmir, missed. world [more…]

crcc m
06 Ankara

Chinese CSR to produce wagons in Ankara

Chinese CSR will produce wagons in Ankara: The second largest railway equipment manufacturer in the world, CSR Corporation, will establish a wagon production facility with MNG Holding for 110 million dollars in Ankara Sincan. An official from the Ministry of Transport, [more…]

tramway work started officially

Light Rail System to Erzurum

Light Rail System to Erzurum: The light rail system project, prepared by an American company, was presented to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ahmet Küçükler, yesterday. The Küçükler, who liked the project, started their search for resources. [more…]


Light rail system coming to Erzurum

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed projects such as twin towers, urban transformation and a new terminal building, took action to bring the light rail system, which it called the craziest project, to Erzurum. Levent Akpınar's news.. In Erzurum [more…]