Corlu was killed in a train accident
59 Corlu

Çorlu Train Crash was commemorated

On the first anniversary of the Çorlu Train accident, which took place on July 8, 2018 in the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, in which 25 citizens lost their lives and 317 were injured, the relatives of the deceased and the injured held a commemoration ceremony at the scene. [more…]

oguz arda selin lovers
22 Edirne

Oğuz Arda Sel's Students

Relatives of Galatasaray lover Oğuz Arda Sel, who lost his life in the train accident in Tekirdağ last summer, this time presented winter items to the students of the school they had previously established a library in Keşan district of Edirne. train in Tekirdag [more…]

Intercity Railways

Football Academy Opens in Memory of Oğuz Arda

Oğuz Arda Flood Football Academy, which was registered by Uzunköprü Municipality by 258, was opened at Uzunköprü Municipality Social Facilities of Uzunköprü Municipality. The development of football knowledge and skills of 7-14 age students studying in our district is bad. [more…]