metrobus fire in istanbul caglayanda
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Istanbul Çağlayan Metrobus Fire!

A fire broke out in the metrobus going from Zincirlikuyu to Beylikdüzü in Istanbul. While moving from the Çağlayan stop, the driver, who noticed the smoke coming from the engine part of the vehicle, stopped the metrobus, opened the doors and evacuated the passengers. The engine of the metrobus [more…]

metrobus fire passengers were evacuated in hunters
34 Istanbul

Metrobus Fire in Avcılar! Passengers Evacuated

Metrobus Fire in Avcılar! Passengers Evacuated . A fire broke out in the engine compartment of a metrobus in Avcılar Şükrübey. While the passengers were evacuated from the metrobus, the fire was extinguished with the intervention of the firefighters. The fire broke out at the Avcılar University metrobus station. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus burned out due to engine failure

Metrobus burned due to engine failure: It was determined that the diesel pipe of the metrobus, which started to burn on the way to the maintenance garage at Istanbul Edirnekapı stop, was punctured. When he went to the maintenance garage in Edirnekapı last week in Istanbul due to an engine failure, he caught fire. [more…]

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Why are Metrobuses burning

Why are the Metrobus burning: The last day after a metrobus burned in Şirinevler in March last year, the empty metrobus near the Topkapı Metrobus station burned eyes on public transport. [more…]