49 Mus

Disabled Persons

Barbeque and Ski Pleasure of the Disabled: Disabled students in Mus, Guzeldag Ski Center on the snow by burning a barbecue and picnic as well as snow sled enjoyed. Trained in a private rehabilitation center in Muş [more…]

07 Antalya

Ski course for the deaf

Ski Course for the Hearing Impaired: Antalya Skiing Specialized Youth and Sports Club has started to bring together hearing impaired, mentally retarded and visually impaired children and young people in ski courses. Headed by Bülent Nevcanoğlu [more…]

01 Adana

Lost in a mentally disabled life

Mentally Handicapped Died by Train in Adana A mentally handicapped person died as a result of being hit by a freight train in Adana. The incident occurred at 05.20:XNUMX at the Yeşilevler level crossing on the railway passing through Yeşilevler District. [more…]