is marmaray earthquake resistant
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Is Marmaray Earthquake Resistant?

The Marmaray Project, which is defined as a hundred-year project, was built to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9. Istanbul is approximately 20 kilometers away from the North Anatolian Fault Line extending from the east to the southwest of the Islands in the Marmara Sea. [more…]

marmaray working hours 2019
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Marmaray Working Hours 2019

Citizens who want to get rid of the heavy traffic of Istanbul and reach their destination quickly, take a look at the Marmaray working hours. Marmaray is a suburban train system serving in Istanbul. Marmaray built under the Bosphorus [more…]

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Minister Arslandan, Marmaray accident description

Minister Arsland, Marmaray accident statement: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, made a statement about the Marmaray accident. Minister Arslan said, biri One of the friends was taken to the hospital with an electric current and lost his life there ” [more…]

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Marmaray expedition caused the work accident

The reason for the disruption of Marmaray voyages was a work accident: The worker Fatih Uysal, who was working in Marmaray, lost his life by being electrocuted. The worker, who was doing maintenance work in the early hours of the morning in Marmaray, was electrocuted and died. [more…]

marmaray tup
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Technical Malfunction

Technical malfunction in Marmaray: The worker who was doing maintenance work in the early hours of the morning in Marmaray lost his life by being electrocuted. After the malfunction that caused the unfortunate worker to die, there was a disruption in Marmaray flights. Morning on Marmaray [more…]

asrin project marmaray guzyolui
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Marmaray Tunnel Ventilation System

In addition to the projects of the tunnel ventilation system in Marmaray, Rota Teknik, which carries out the production of turnkey machinery / apparatus and test systems, has recently realized its works with Şemsettin Işıl, the Founding Member of the Board of Directors. [more…]

Routing routes and practical route information from yandex navigation users
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Added to Yandex Maps in Rail Systems

Added to Yandex maps in rail systems: The Russian-based Yandex company, which has recently become popular in our country with the services it offers, continues to make innovations for its mobile applications. Available on Yandex's iOS platform [more…]

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The Sakarya Delegation Visited The Marmarasi

Sakarya Delegation Visited Marmara: Governor Big: "YHT will serve our citizens at 3 stations in our province, at Pamukova, Arifiye and Sapanca stations"-Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission Chairman Üstün: "From now on, I hope a train departing from China will take Marmaray. [more…]

marmaray map
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Marmaray Tunnel Construction

Marmaray Tunnel Construction: One of the most important projects in the world, the Marmaray Project aims to ensure that Istanbul can maintain its urban life in a healthy way, offer a modern urban life and urban transportation opportunities to the citizens, [more…]