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UOP Photography Exhibitions

Conducted by the Republic of Turkey and the European Union, the Transport Operational Program (UOP), Istanbul Haydarpasa and Sirkeci Station with Zonguldak, Karabük, one in five photo exhibition held in Samsun, thousands of people were introduced. Large of citizens [more…]

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Morning Soup Surprise for Citizens

Morning Soup Surprise for Citizens on Marmaray: Zeytinburnu Municipality distributed hot soup to citizens at Kazlıçeşme Marmaray Station in the morning. The soup offered by Zeytinburnu Municipality at Kazlıçeşme Marmaray Station in the morning was offered to citizens in cold weather. [more…]

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Binali Yildirim used Vatay's seat and used Marmaray

Binali Yildirim Passed the Vatman Seat and Used Marmaray: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim made observations at the ongoing Pendik-Ayrılıkçeşme Suburban Line. Then, the Minister of Ayrılıkçeşme Marmaray Station in the Vatman seat [more…]

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Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Metro Line

Uskudar-Umraniye-Cekmekoy Metro Line: Uskudar-Umraniye-Cekmekoy Metro Line is located between the Uskudar-Cekmekoy stations, approximately 17,8 km length main line tunnels and total 16 number of drilling and open-close type stations, approximately 2,8 [more…]

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Bomb panic at Marmaray station

Bomb panic at Marmaray station: ISTANBUL The bag left in front of the Marmaray station in Kazlıçeşme caused a panic. The suitcase detonated by the bomb disposal team detonated with clothes. Bus stop in front of Marmaray station in Kazlıçeşme, Istanbul [more…]


Park and Continue

ISPARK, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is rapidly expanding its “Park and Go” car parks in public transportation stations. Istanbul offering alternative systems for transportation in Istanbul [more…]

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Üsküdar Square Flood Solution

Üsküdar Square Flood Solution: It has been reported that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has started the rehabilitation works of Çavuşderesi in order to protect Üsküdar Square from floods. Üsküdar Square, due to the work that will last 3 days in 130 stages, [more…]

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Marmaray train sets are increasing

Marmaray train sets are increasing: In Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe with a tunnel under the sea, 5 train sets will work instead of 10 train sets. Connecting the continents of Asia and Europe with a tunnel under the sea and its opening [more…]

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Shopping Center added to Marmaras

Marmaray Shopping Center is being added: 1 State Railways Enterprise. Regional Directorate, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council plans “Söğütlüçeşme Railway Station Area yaklaşık approximately 22 thousand square meters of the area“ Marmaray Station and Railway Viaduct [more…]


The meaningful lure

Significant fidelity to Penbegüllü: The road project to the Tatlıkuyu neighborhood by the Metropolitan Municipality is about to be completed. The road project works by the metropolitan municipality in Tatlıkuyu district is about to be completed. High Speed ​​and Marmaray stations [more…]

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Gebze and Çayırovadan Marmaraya Bus Line

Bus Line from Gebze and Çayırova to Marmaray: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has started two bus lines from Gebze and Çayırova to Marmaray Gebze Station upon the intense demand from citizens. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, citizens from transportation [more…]

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World's largest station Marmarayda

The world's largest station in Marmaray: A total of 39 stations will be located on the Marmaray project route. Three of these will be underground. Uskudar station 225 meter length, 75 meter width and 30 meter depth [more…]

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TUBITAKa Marmaray station

Tübitaka Marmaray station Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergün said that “Marmaray will be integrated up to Adapazarı and there will be a station within Tübitak. Turkey Industry Dispatch and Administration at the TUBITAK Campus in Gebze [more…]