86 China

430 speedometer journey on magnetic rail train

Traveling at a speed of 430 kilometers on the magnetic rail train: The magnetic levitation trains connecting the international airport in Shanghai to the city subway line travel at a speed of 430 kilometers per hour. This is one of the fastest passenger trains in the world. in Shanghai [more…]

81 Japan

598 Mileage Will Fly Faster

It will fly at a speed of 598 kilometers on the railway: The Maglev train, which works with magnetic levitation technology in Japan, can reach a speed of 598 kilometers per hour with its test tomorrow and break the speed record. Central Japan Raiway is located in Yamana Prefecture of the trial. [more…]


This is our flying train

This is our flying train: Head of Physics Department of Karadeniz Technical University. Dr. Ekrem Yanmaz and his team made a prototype of a magnetic rail train whose speed will reach 586 kilometers per hour. Accepted by TUBITAK [more…]

tubitak ucan train put its vision into video
61 Trabzon

TÜBİTAK Puts Flying Train to Vision 2023

The 4-year projects of the Black Sea Technical University Physics Department Superconductivity Research Group were awarded 2 million liras by TUBITAK and the institution's 2023 vision was set. KTU Physics Department Superconductivity Research Group, [more…]