railroad memories fear of carrom

Railway Memories: 'Carrom Fear'

I cannot forget the danger of Carrom that I experienced in my Izmir Blue Train Service, and I still have that fear as I think of it. God bless us all from all kinds of accidents, I hope. I think it was the beginning of 1985, responsible for taking the outline mechanic [more…]

old man killed by raybus in kutahya
43 Kütahya

Old man struck by railbus in Kütahya dies

The old man who was hit by a passenger train in Kütahya died at the scene. The engineer was taken to the police station to be questioned. The accident occurred on the Atatürk Boulevard railway at around 22.00:XNUMX. The raybus, which made the Kütahya-Tavşanlı expedition, claimed that [more…]

btsden ankara yht accident case description
06 Ankara

Ankara YHT Crash Case Statement from BTS

It was stated that we will continue our struggle resolutely to reveal the real questions of the high-speed train accident, the first hearing of which was held yesterday by the United Transport Workers Union (BTS). The written statement from BTS is as follows; “Ankara – Konya [more…]

general manager met with marmaray machinists
34 Istanbul

General Manager Yazıcı met with Marmaray Machinists

General Manager of TCDD Transport Kamuran Yazici, met with the machinists in the scope of their investigations in Marmaray. TCDD Transportation General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı met with the machinists within the scope of their investigations in Marmaray. Marmaray Söğütlüçeşme employees for a while [more…]

tcdd yht accident report and received the report
06 Ankara

TCDD YHT Accident Report I'm Not Guilty

TCDD has prepared a special report on the YHT accident in which 9 people lost their lives in Ankara and said 'I am innocent'. State Railways of the Republic of Turkey (TCDD), who was found guilty with the train dispatcher and the two machinists who died in the bespoke report [more…]

the magduriyet of halkapinar machinists comes to an end
35 Izmir

Halkapınar Machinists' Grievances End

Another important grievance of the machinists was resolved with the initiative and struggle of Transport Officer-Sen. As it is known, in İzmir Halkapınar region (Halkapınar Warehouse – Balıkesir, Uşak, Denizli) for a long time due to traffic and expedition density. [more…]