Brotherhood bridge between Izmir and Valencia
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Brotherhood Bridge Between İzmir and Valencia

Ege Young Businessmen Association has added a new one to its international business trips organized by its members in order to increase their international market connections and contribute to their export capacities. EGİAD Participation of Board Members, International Relations [more…]

Tatarstan is the turkey in the BCCI forum
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Turkey-Tatarstan Business Forum at BCCI

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), which continues its activities in line with Turkey's export-oriented development goals, organized the 'Turkey-Tatarstan Business Forum' with the participation of Tatarstan President Rüstem Minnihanov as part of the Commercial Safari Project. In the Chamber Service Building [more…]

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DurmazlarSupport in the Rail Systems Sector

Speaking at the 8th and 35th Professional Committees Extended Sectoral Analysis Meeting, which includes companies operating in the machinery sector, BTSO Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Cüneyt Şener said that the majority of the investors in TEKNOSAB are representatives of the machinery sector. [more…]

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BTSO turns face to South America

Bursa is Turkey's gateway to the world, it continues to search for alternative markets and new leadership in the BCCI in full swing. Turkey to 11 thousand kilometers of distance contacts, then the capital of Argentina in Buenos Aires in Sao Paulo last Bursa [more…]

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BTSO opens its doors to its members

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) continues to bring its members to markets around the world. Bursa actor assumed the development goals of Turkey's export-oriented firms, conducted by the BCCI scope of Ur-D projects [more…]

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Bursa Companies Growing with Ur-Ge Projects

Bursa business world is increasing its power in the international arena day by day. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) to the city with the support of the Ministry of Economy. kazanWithin the scope of 10 Ur-Ge projects, it has reached 30 so far. [more…]


R & D Engineer Training Project for ESOGÜ

ESOGÜ R & D Engineer Training Project Promotion Event was held: Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) -International Collaboration Project iştirme R & D Engineer Training Project ”promotion event was held at ESOGÜ Congress and Culture Center. Activity, ESOGU [more…]


TCDD Unavailable due to Trainmatic Failure

Tickets cannot be bought from the train machines at the Kütahya train station. When citizens go to the train station to buy tickets, they have to queue and buy regular tickets because the machine is broken. When the situation is reported to the authorities, the public will not use this machine. [more…]