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Fire alarm in London subway

A fire has been reported at Holborn tube station in London, the capital of England. Holborn subway station, one of the central subway stations of London, which was evacuated on suspicion of fire, has been reopened. The dense smoke is caused by the failure of the power lines under the train. [more…]

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London strikes on strike strike

Strike in London subway stopped transportation: The strike of the staff working in the subway in London, the capital of England, causes great transportation problems. Problems with dismissals and ticket offices of employees working in the London Underground [more…]

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Countdown to London's 24 hourly subway

The countdown to the 24 hourly subway in London has begun: the start of the night subway service for London has been announced since the projects have been carried out over a long time and highly anticipated. The new mayor Sadiq Khan [more…]

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Metro Employees Re-strike in London

London Underground Workers Strike Again: The subway workers in the capital London have announced the dates of their 24 hourly 3 quit-off strike, which they had previously planned. The strike decision planned by Metro employees, [more…]

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Stood in subway in london stopped life

The subway stopped in London, life stopped: The 4-hour strike launched by the employees this evening in the subway, where nearly 24 million people travel every day in London, the capital of England, negatively affects daily life. one last [more…]

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The UK subway is now safer

The UK subway is now safer: An agreement was signed between the French industrial battery manufacturer Saft and Alstom. Under the agreement, the 1 for Euro subway trains in the north of the London Underground [more…]

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London Underground

London Underground: British workers, who also showed their experience in mining management in the construction of the subway… But at first it was very difficult to call it a subway… Steam locomotives were working. The wagons were made of wood… Calling it an “underground train” [more…]

Earth and Turkey Metro

Metro in the world and Turkey

Metro in the world and Turkey: Metro in the world and Turkey: Usually established in large cities with more population density and the city center in an expeditious manner and connecting the electrical underground rail station to the suburbs [more…]

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Metro strike postponed

Metro strike postponed: 48 hourly strike decision suspended by train machinists protesting the closure of ticket offices in London Underground next week. RMT general secretary Mick Cash, from TfL management [more…]