global damage in aviation billion dollars

Global Loss in Aviation $ 314 Billion

KPMG Turkey was to evaluate the effects of the logistics sector coronavirus outbreak. All over the world in air, land and sea traffic, indicating that the stand is locked with passenger transport Transport Sector Leader, KPMG Turkey Yavuz Öner, the largest airline of revenue loss [more…]

being a woman on a male-dominated railway
34 Istanbul

Being a Woman on a Male Sovereign Railway

I met the Railway Sector in 2006 with DTD (Railway Transport Association). Before this date, I was a person who worked in a different sector, loved trains remotely, and traveled intercity by train only once in my high school years. Accident where my path crosses [more…]

Logistics was carried out in the band
10 Balikesir

Bandırma Logistics Workshop was Held

A Logistics Workshop was held by the Bandırma Chamber of Commerce 16th Professional Committee in the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Hall. Managers of public institutions related to the logistics sector in Bandırma, members of Bandırma Chamber of Commerce 16. Professional Group and Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Foreign [more…]

the problems of the logistics sector and its future will be dealt with in error
31 Hatay

The Problems and Future of Logistics Sector Will Be Covered in Hatay

Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) continues its Visionary Anatolian Meetings program in Hatay. Minister of Trade and Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Ruhsar Pekcan grace Cahit Turhan, the program will be held on 28-29 February 2020 date, "Turkey's geopolitical location of Logistics Path to Production And Trade [more…]

Iskenderun port is the biggest competitor of Mersin port.
31 Hatay

İskenderun Port The Largest Opponent of Mersin Port

Turkey's Mersin Port overtake one of the most important doors opening to the world the last 10 years Iskenderun port management, stood attacks in the Southeast! LimakPort, which took over the operating rights of TCDD Iskenderun Port in 2012 for 36 years, completely defeated Iskenderun Port. [more…]

urdun partial transport brand company
33 Mersin

Jordan Partial Transport Brand Company

It is a sector with a chain that addresses a wide range of transportation methods in the international transportation sector. In the sector where there are parts such as complete truck transportation, truck transportation, heavy out of gauge transportation and container transportation, [more…]

the right steps for the logistics sector
34 Istanbul

The Right Steps for the Logistics Sector

Important steps continue to be taken to strengthen the logistics sector, which has been in a rapid growth cycle for about 10 years. However, the main issues with which the Turkish logistics sector has to show progress are still up-to-date. Logistics and customs [more…]

izmir sustainable urban logistics plan prepared
35 Izmir

Izmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan Prepared

İzmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan Prepared; Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared the Izmir Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (LOPI) with the aim of carrying out passenger and freight transportation in the city in the light of European standards and scientific criteria. Lopik, prepared by a city in Turkey [more…]

logistics star shines with startups
34 Istanbul

Star of Logistics Shines with Startups

The logistics industry loved going digital. Many startups, who entered the industry by seeing the needs, moved manual and paper work to digital. Startups both offer services that have not been provided so far in transportation, and digitally executed transactions reach 40 percent to customers [more…]

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