landslide on samsun army highway
52 Army

Landslide on Samsun Ordu Highway

After the landslide that took place in the Taşbaşı Mahallesi area of ​​the Black Sea coast road, the Metropolitan Municipality started to work effectively to open the road to transportation as soon as possible from the first minutes of the incident. Crews, land and [more…]

mobilization of railways
Intercity Railways

Winter Mobilization in Railways

In our country, where severe winter conditions prevail, railway teams continue their work day and night to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of trains. All measures to keep the railway lines open at all times. [more…]

2 injured people fell off the mountain
44 Malatya

Mountain Passes Down Passenger Train 2 Injured Person

Two passengers were injured as a result of the rocks breaking off the mountain due to the landslide that occurred after the rain in the Kapıdere village of Doğanşehir district of Malatya, colliding with the window of the passenger train making the Malatya-Adana voyage. Meanwhile, Ömer, who was on the train, [more…]

snow and landslide
07 Antalya

Snow and Landslide Fighting in Alanya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the high parts of Alanya, snow and snow covered roads by cleaning the road opened. Rainy weather, which has been effective for a while in and around Alanya, has negatively affected the life especially in the high places. Downpour [more…]

Intercity Railways

We're hurting the train crash

As a result of the landslide over the culvert in Sarılar Mahallesi of Tekirdağ's Çorlu district, where the disastrous train accident took place, the wagons derailed and overturned, a train accident occurred that stifled our country and burned us. Accident [more…]

Intercity Railways

Erzincan Derails Landslide Freight Train

After the extreme downpour rainfall in the town of Erzincan Üzümlü effective landslide freight train derailed. According to information received Kars-Mersin flight of which the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) of the freight train [more…]

Intercity Railways

Elazığ-Bingöl Between Landslides

Landslide on the Railroad Between Elazig and Bingol: A landslide occurred for the second time on the railroad between Elazig and Bingol. Train services were temporarily suspended. Due to landslide at the tunnel exit between Beyhan Suveren stations in Palu district of Elazig, [more…]


Kastamonu Road Transportation Closed

Kastamonu Road Closed to Transportation: After the rain in the Tosya district of Kastamonu, the landslide and flowing mud closed the Tosya-Kastamonu Highway to transportation. The rain, which started in the evening and increased its intensity, turned into a flood in the short sphere. City [more…]


Rocks Falling Danger

Road Falling Rocks Danger Scatter: Yıldızeli-Sivas Highway on the landslide in the rock fragments scatter danger. The 12 of Yıldızeli-Sivas Highway. Kilometers There are various accidents due to the rock fragments falling from the slopes to the highway in Yılanlıkaya locality. [more…]

Oltu Ardahan Highway

Oltu Artvin Highway Closed Due to Landslide

The Oltu-Artvin highway was closed to traffic due to the landslide that occurred around the Ayvalı dam in the Oltu district of Erzurum. The landslide from the mountain at the Ayvali dam location blocked the Oltu-Artvin highway to transportation. Many drivers on the road landslide [more…]


Landslide on Tunceli Erzincan Highway

Landslide on Tunceli Erzincan Highway: Landslide occurred on the Tunceli Erzincan highway due to heavy rainfall. 62 of Tunceli-Erzincan highway due to heavy rainfall at noon in Pülümür district of Tunceli. landslide occurred. [more…]


Ardeşen-Çamlıhemşin roadway landslide

Landslide on Ardeşen-Çamlıhemşin highway: After the effective rains in the morning, landslides occurred on Ardeşen-Çamlıhemşin highway. There was material damage in a car that was in transit on the road closed to transportation. Effective in the morning in Rize [more…]


Landslide on Göynük Sünnet Lake Road

Landslide on Göynük Sunnah Lake road: Landslide occurred on the Sunnah Lake road in Göynük district. The highway provided access to the lake was closed to transportation due to the slippage of soil and stone fragments from the hill. Provided Provincial Special [more…]


Landslide on D-655 Highway in Düzce

Landslide on D-655 Highway in Düzce: A landslide occurred on D-655 Highway in Düzce. While the direction of Düzce is closed to transportation, transportation is provided in two directions from the other direction. While it was raining last night, Düzce and Zonguldak [more…]


Landslide on Fatsa-Kumru Road

Landslide on Fatsa-Kumru Road: Landslide occurred on Fatsa-Kumru-Korgan road due to snow and rain falling in high parts of Ordu. Land slippage due to the road closes, as a result of the work of the Highways teams opened the road to traffic. Landslide [more…]


Zonguldakta landslide due to a strip of road closed

One lane of the road was closed to traffic due to the landslide in Zonguldak: One lane of the road was closed to traffic due to the landslide that occurred at the exit of the Alaplı District of the Zonguldak-Istanbul Highway. Precipitation, which continues its dominance throughout the country, has caused some [more…]


Earthquake in Hakkar

Landslide in Hakkari: 6 is in danger of collapse due to landslide after the road extension work in Bağlarbaşı district of Durankaya town of Hakkari. Highways about 5 years ago [more…]


Marmaris-Muğla highway road landslide

Landslide on the Marmaris-Muğla highway: There were disruptions in transportation due to landslides in two districts in Marmaris district of Muğla. According to information obtained, the district continued after a week of heavy rains, landslides occurred. [more…]


Landslide on the Artvin-Erzurum Highway

Landslide on the Artvin-Erzurum Highway: Artvin-Erzurum highway, the second kilometer of the road due to the fall of rock fragments were closed, the road lasted approximately 5 hours as a result of the road was partially opened to traffic. Rock off the slope at the second kilometer of the Artvin-Erzurum highway [more…]


Roadway Landslide

Landslide on the road: Landslide occurred on the road that provides transportation to Beypazarı-Kıbrısçık-Karaşar. According to the reporter of AA, the road that provides access to many villages is between 6 and 6 thousand 500 meters. [more…]


D-650 roadway landslide in Sakarya

Landslide on D-650 highway in Sakarya: Landslide in Balaban area of ​​D-650 highway in Sakarya closed the entrance and exit road of Doğançay Neighborhood to transportation. Gendarmerie taking security measures in the area, while road crews sludge exceeding 2 meters [more…]