gebze haydarpasa suburban wagons for years
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Suburban Wagons Abandoned to Destiny in Köseköy

The commuter train serving between Gebze and Haydarpaşa was abandoned to the fate of Köseköy Before the high-speed train works, the commuter line train, which was pulled down after the high-speed train works, is waiting in idle state at the Köseköy Logistics Center. Dozens [more…]

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TCDD Logistics Centers

TCDD Logistics Centers: Logistics centers are being established in order to develop transportation routes in combined transportation and to establish effective connections between transportation modes, storage, maintenance-repair, loading-unloading and handling activities more economically. [more…]


Logistic village support to Kocaeli industry

Logistics village support to Kocaeli industry: The industrial city of Kocaeli is preparing to stand out in the logistics sector. 2 logistics village to be established on Gebze and Izmit-Kartepe-Gölcük line and the city's load carrying capacity exceeds 600 thousand tons [more…]

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Vali took the logistics train line

The governor handed over the logistics train line: Kocaeli Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu's visits to NGOs started. Güzeloğlu visited the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and Architects in the afternoon. [more…]


TCDD wants more money back

TCDD wants the excess money back: There was an interesting development about the expropriated lands due to the High Speed ​​Train project passing through Kartepe Hikmetiye Village. TCDD, which collects the land, justifies the overpayment [more…]

logistics centers railway

TCDD Logistics Centers

TCDD Logistics Centers: Logistics centers, which are seen as the heart of modern freight transportation and which develop combined transportation with other transportation systems, have started to be established in our country. Freight stations stuck in the city center; European [more…]

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Latest situation in logistics villages

The latest situation in logistics villages The progress is being made in the 17 logistics center, the 5 separate freight center. In some, the first stage was completed and the activity started. Some of them are still in the expropriation stage, some of them tendering. Annual 30 in logistics centers [more…]


TCDD Intermodal Terminals Köseköy.

One of the main duties of the state is to ensure the peace of its citizens. We know that social, economic, health, education and environment are also included in this peace. Equally, the second duty of the state is to support the national economy. [more…]