34 Istanbul

Channel Istanbul's route changed with the ancient cave

The route of Kanal Istanbul has changed with the ancient cave: The reason why the unofficial Küçükçekmece route of Kanal Istanbul, which the Minister of Transport Yıldırım said, "The work has not been completed, the location is not certain", has been caused by the Yarımburgaz caves, which date back to the Paleotic era. [more…]


Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge at night

Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge is brilliant at night: The Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, the most important passage route of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway, which will reduce the journey between Istanbul and Izmir to 3.5 hours, displays a visual light feast at night. [more…]

Osmangazi Bridge Project

Gebzeli Engineers toured the Gulf Bridge in Izmit

Kocaeli Chamber of Civil Engineers organized a technical visit to the construction site of the İzmit-Gulf Crossing Bridge Altınova-Hersek Construction Site, which will be the 4th largest suspension bridge in the world when completed, for the members of our Gebze Representation. 4th largest in the world [more…]


Lands in Gebzede

In Gebze, the lands are giving rise to an appetite: the third bridge and the bridge of the gulf bridge increased interest in Gebze. Especially in the village of Denizli, the land around 450 acres of attention to the attention once again turned to Gebze. [more…]


Under the cylinder in the highway construction

Under the cylinder in the construction of the highway: Gemlik district of Bursa, a person who died under the cylinder that he was killed. According to the information received, the construction of the gulf crossing bridge connection roads in a subcontractor working cylinder [more…]