7 Eco-Friendly New Buses Arrive in Mersin in 73 Months
33 Mersin

7 Eco-Friendly New Buses Arrive in Mersin in 73 Months

Final signatures were signed for the purchase of 73 new environmentally friendly buses at the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation. Head of Transportation Department, Ersan Topçuoğlu, to Mersin kazanHe drew attention to the fact that the new buses that were launched work with natural gas. Most [more…]

bus to bus
16 Bursa

Tram from Bursa to Bucharest and Bus to Rome

Tram from Bursa to Bucharest, Bus to Rome; Beginning… Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, with a textile-based structure, turned to automotive sector-based production in the following years. Because… Two big automobile manufacturers such as Tofaş-Fiat and Oyak Renault are the ones that control the industrial balance of the city. [more…]

16 Bursa

Karsan Electric Atak Brand Bus

Karsan presented solutions for the mobility needs of the era in its two factories in Bursa and exhibited the electric version of the 8.1 meter long city bus Atak at Hanover for the first time. Karsan R & D team [more…]


Karsan to Malatya 13 Piece Attack!

13 Piece Attack from Karsan to Malatya! : Karsan, which provides modern solutions to the cities with the public transportation systems it developed, Karsan Atak deliveries to Malatya within the scope of Industrial and Malpazarı Minibus Lines Transformation project [more…]


Modernization in Manisa

Transportation is Modernizing in Manisa: Within the scope of the transformation project initiated by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Yunusemre will be used for the new vehicle 43 which will be used in the Yunusemre district, Pelitalan, Çamlıca, Üçpınar, Maldan, Köseler, Durasallı and Düzlen routes. [more…]

Karsan attack

30 ATAKS from KARSAN to Manisa

30 Ataks from KARSAN to Manisa: Karsan delivered 30 8-meter ATAK buses, which it introduced to the market with the approach of “Urban Transformation in Transportation”, to Saruhanlı district of Manisa. Thus, the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality initiated the [more…]

35 Izmir

Receives 100 bellows bus to ESHOT

Bought 100 more articulated buses to ESHOT: ESHOT General Directorate, which started to provide transportation services to all 30 districts after the change in the Izmir Metropolitan Law, started to strengthen and renew its bus fleet in order to meet the increasing demands. [more…]

Karsan Jestronic

22 JEST Delivered to Karsan Dalyan

Karsan Delivered 22 GESTES TO Dalyan: KARSAN started the transformation in Muğla transportation with 22 GESTES delivered to Dalyan. Within the framework of the transformation project in the public transportation initiated by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in Muğla, 22 [more…]


The leader of automotive exports Bursa

Bursa, the leader of automotive exports: Approximately 35 percent of the automotive exports, which is the locomotive sector of TURKEY's exports, were carried out from Bursa. In the first half of the year, 11 billion 717 million 709 thousand dollars of automotive exports were made, [more…]