karabuk karfest event is canceled
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Karabük Karfest Event Canceled

Karabük Governorate announced that the Karabük Karfest program, which is planned to be held on Sunday, January 26, has been canceled. In the statement made; “Karabük, which is planned to be held on 26.01.2020 (Sunday) in Keltepe Ski Center, which is the center of Winter Tourism, [more…]

keltepe ski resort road is paved
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Keltepe Ski Center Road Asphalted

Asphalt works initiated by Karabük Special Provincial Administration on the way to Keltepe Ski Center continue. Karabük Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Mehmet Long, hot asphalt work began to study the asphalt. Keltepe [more…]

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Keltepe Ski Center Project

Keltepe Ski Center Project: Karabük Provincial Assembly Member Seyfettin Dikmen, Keltepe Ski Center Project reported that the work started. Dikmen said in a statement to journalists that Keltepe is one of the most important investments in the city. [more…]

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Keltepe Ski Center Winter Ready

Keltepe Ski Center Ready for Winter: The contractor company will start concrete throwing works in Keltepe Ski Center which was tender last year. Then, the assembly of the externally manufactured material will be started. [more…]

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Alimoglu Ski Resort Review

Alimoğlu Ski Center Region Examined: Karabuk Governor Orhan Alimoğlu and his delegation went to the ski resort region, made investigations. Governor Orhan Alimoğlu and the Garrison Commander Gendarmerie Commando Colonel Samit Tokmak, [more…]

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Keltepe Ski Center Tender

Keltepe Ski Center Tender: AK Party deputy Osman Kahveci Karabük, Keltepe Ski Center completed the tender for the construction of the digging will be shot. On the one hand, Karabük Deputy Osman continues to work intensively in the parliament [more…]

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Keltepe Ski Center Will Be Tender

Keltepe Ski Center to Tender: Deputy Minister of Development and former deputy Karabük Mehmet Ceylan, the investment program of the Keltepe ski resort will be included in the tender program, he said. Deputy Minister Ceylan, Karabük [more…]