06 Ankara

Keçiören Metro to be extended

When Keçiören Subway Extends: Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak got on the Keçiören Subway, which was opened on January 5, sohbet he did. President Ak, who listened to the requests of the people of Keçiören in the metro, went to İvedik via Etlik of the Keçiören Metro. [more…]

Binali Yıldırım
06 Ankara

Keçiören Subway Test Drive Ceremony

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said, “When the Keçiören Metro is finished, the rail system in Ankara will have reached 64 kilometers. More than 50 stops. It will no longer be an ordeal to go from Keçiören to the center of Ankara. Enjoyable 60-15 minutes [more…]

06 Ankara

Town square integrated with Keçiören subway

The city square integrated with the Keçiören metro: The Metropolitan Municipality has launched a mobilization to train the giant city square, which is described as the "crown" of the Keçiören Metro, which is expected to be completed soon, by the end of the year when the metro will be opened. [more…]

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Asphalt News

Beginning asphalt

Kecioren asphalt works start: Kecioren Municipality in the winter months with the warming of the asphalt and deteriorated roads began renovation work. Kecioren Municipality Ayvalı Neighborhood Pelityaprağı Street which gives great importance to urban aesthetics [more…]