The Necklace of Kızılırmak, Şahruh Bridge is Repaired

The Necklace of Kızılırmak Sahruh Bridge Is Being Repaired: In Kayseri, the Sahruh Bridge and its surroundings on the Kızılırmak will be repaired by the Sarıoğlan District Governorate and the municipality and used in various activities. It is located in Kayseri, on the Kızılırmak and has a history of 530 years. [more…]

Kayseri million lira multi-level crossroad investment

Divided Road Length in Kayseri Has Reached 502 Kilometers

Kayseri Governor Orhan Duzgun announced that the length of the divided road in Kayseri has reached 502 kilometers with the works carried out this year. In his evaluation of the road construction works, Governor Duzgun stated that the 6th Regional Directorate of Highways has been working throughout the year. [more…]