Kabatas Bagcilar Tram
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Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Times

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Hours: The first phase of the 19,3 km long line was built between Sirkeci and Aksaray and opened in 1992. The line connecting Topkapı and Zeytinburnu directions, then Eminönü [more…]

istanbul tram lines renewal tender cancellation
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Istanbul Tram Lines Renewal Tender Cancel

Bağcılar in IstanbulKabataş and the tender for renewal works to be carried out due to the wear on the Habipler-Topkapı tram lines was canceled. The tender has been canceled due to the fact that all bids submitted are far above the allocated appropriation. [more…]

story of renewed rails for abdulhamid han
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The Story of Renovated Rails for Abdülhamid Han

Sultan II. During the construction of the Madinah section of the Hejaz Railways, Abdulhamid Khan made Hz. He demanded that efforts be made to prevent noise and vibration in order to respect Muhammad's personality. For this purpose, on the rails with the technique of that period [more…]

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Metro Flights in Istanbul Extended

Metro Istanbul announced on its Twitter account that metro services have been extended upon requests. In his Twitter account, “Upon incoming requests; T1 Kabataş- Our services have been extended until 01:00 on all our lines except Bagcilar Tram Line.” it was said. Dear passengers [more…]

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Zeytinburnu tram is under ground

IMM President Topbaş, Kabataş- The statement that the section of the Bağcılar tram line passing through Zeytinburnu will be taken underground was greeted with joy in the district. In Zeytinburnu, the first domestically produced TBM (Tunnel) used in the European Region Drinking Water Tunnel Construction [more…]

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KabataşLargest Transfer Center

KabataşLargest Transfer Center: Chairman Topbaş, Kabataşintroduced its new square to the press members with its giant transfer center, which is under construction and with a capacity of 1 million passengers per day. Topbaş, 2018 [more…]

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KabataşTunnel solution to Bağcılar tram line

Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line tunnel solution: a long time worked on Kabataş- About 2 kilometers between Seyitnizam and Merter, which constitutes the most troubled part of Bağcılar tram line, will go underground. Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line the most troublesome part [more…]

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From IMM to Başakşehire havaray, Kazlıçeye subway

From IMM to Başakşehire havaray, Kazlıçeşmeye metro: İBB, Sefaköy-Halkalı-Başakşehir Havaray project and Kazlıçeşme-Söğütlüçeşme subway takes the first stage of the tender. IMM, Sefaköy-Halkalı- Başaşşehir launches the first project of the Kazarayçeşme-Söğütlüçeşme subway project. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

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Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line Electric Failure

Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line Electricity Failure:Kabataş- The tram working on Bağcılar line, the electrical system in Aksaray stop caused a failure in the electrical system. Kabataş-The tram that runs on Bağcılar line occurred in the electrical system at Aksaray stop. [more…]

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Eminönü Alibeyköy tram stops identified

Eminönü Alibeyköy tram stops were determined: The 13 stop on the Eminönü Alibeyköy tram line, which has a length of 19 kilometers, and details of the other lines to be integrated were determined. Eyüp Alibeyköy Tram with length of 13 kilometers [more…]

YHT Ticket Prices & Schedule
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Marmaray Celebrates Its First Age

Marmaray celebrates its first year: Marmaray, which connects the continents of Europe and Asia under the sea, celebrates its first year. Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), made according to explain in writing, 29 October [more…]

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Marmaray 1 carried 50 million passengers a year

Marmaray 1 transports 50 million passengers per year: 29 2013 thousand flights have been carried out since the opening of the Separation Fountain-Kazlıçeşme section of Marmaray, which was put into service on October 100 and equipped with high security systems. [more…]

native trambus
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Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Line to Trambus

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram line to the tramway: Kabataş- Tram services cannot be made from 09.30 on the Bağcılar line due to electrical failure. Citizens, in order to go to their workplaces, got off the tram and headed for metrobus, minibus and taxis. victim [more…]

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Kabataş-Bagcılar tram line failure

According to the statement made by Istanbul Transportation Inc., Kabataş- In the Çapa district of Bağcılar tram line, a break in the catenary wire occurred. While the trips between Yusufpaşa and Topkapı cannot be made for a while, transportation on the line Kabataş-Yusufpaşa and Topkapı-Bağcılar could be done. [more…]