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Travel with Akçaray is now safer

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality conducts expropriation work on the buildings that create adverse conditions for traffic and pedestrians on the Akçaray route. In this context, Metropolitan lastly; Heavy traffic at the intersection of the East Kisla Station, Bağdat Avenue and Köse Street in Izmit district [more…]


Big Day Tomorrow for Akçaray! "Do Not Park"

Izmit Tramway Project Akçaray, which is planned to be completed in 550 days but planned to complete the 152 daily delay as of yesterday, is scheduled to start today and is postponed tomorrow. Ergah DO NOT CAR VEHICLES ç WARNING Metropolitan officials around the route to Akçaray [more…]


It was fun to be the first traveler of the tram Tram

It was a pleasure to be the first passenger of the tram… It is an important privilege to witness history kuşak It will always be talked about in future generations cus Once rail was passing through the city center of Izmit. The nostalgic view was beautiful… But Izmit was growing every day. From the city center of the railway [more…]


First Digging for Gebze Metro Will Be Shoot in 2018

The First Excavation for Gebze Metro Will Be Shot in 2018: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said that the first digging of the metro project they will realize in Gebze will be shot in 2018 if there is no mishap. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, construction, electricity, [more…]


The last situation in İzmit Akçaray Tram Project

Latest status in Izmit Akçaray Tram Project: In the Izmit Akçaray Tramway Project, the most important and ambitious project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for Izmit, the maturity is on Friday, February 3, according to the time of operation on the official website of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]


The last 5 days in Akçarayda come on

The last 5 days in Akçaray are good: The countdown continues for the tram, which will be put into service on a 7-kilometer route from Sekapark to the bus station in Izmit! 5 days left for this mega project to end! Of course the owner of this claim [more…]


Izmit Tram Project See How Long It Is

İzmit Tramway Project Ends Look at How Long is Left: The AKP's candidate as the candidate for local elections in each other and entered the presidential seat sitting at the presidency of Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, presented many mega projects [more…]


Victims of the tram will interview the tradesmen

The commission will be interviewed by shopkeepers who are victims of the tram: At the November Meeting of the Izmit City Council, the budget of 2017 was accepted and what could be done to reduce the problems related to various works, especially the tram, was discussed. 13 item agenda [more…]


Kocaeli Metropolitan Council no one in the barricades

In Kocaeli Metropolitan Council, no one has ever made a call to the barbarians: The session of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly was held in Şefik Postalcıoğlu Hall today. Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu'nun 15 July in the name of Ömer Halisdemir, the martyr of democracy in Niğde due to the opening of the park [more…]


Karaosmanoğlu Akçaray examined the tramway works

Karaosmanoğlu examined the works of Akçaray tram line: Mayor Karaosmanoğlu examined the works in the workshop building and warehouse area of ​​the tram project under construction in Izmit, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, where the Akçaray tram line will be managed, vehicle maintenance and repair works will be done. [more…]


Izmit is waiting for a tram fight

Is the tramway fight in Izmit: Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli to explain the lies of the Metropolitan Municipality should give an urgent answer. Izmit city, the construction of the project started to be completed with the idea of ​​the transportation of the tram today 149 [more…]


Tram will not catch up

Tram will not be raised: every statement by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality said that the work of the tram will be completed in a timely manner, while the Mayor of Izmit, Nevzat Doğan said, ın It is certain that the tram will be delayed ediy. Council meeting of the Municipality of Izmit in September [more…]


Izmit Tramway Displacement Community Center

İzmit Tramway Displacement in Halkevi Area: The works carried out within the scope of İzmit Tramway Project were also started on Şehabettin Bilgisu Street. Due to the displacement of the infrastructure lines, Cevdet Hoca Caddesi on the side of Fevziye Mosque and the Community Center of Şahabettin Bilgisu Caddesi [more…]


Izmit Trolley Upgraded Gear

Izmit Trolley shifted up: In the Izmit Tramway Project, which is planned to be completed in February and is expected to be put into service, the works of 15, which had been disrupted for a few days after July, accelerated again. D-100 EDGE BEFORE Carrying out tramway work [more…]


Free parking tram construction site

Free parking lot tram site: The empty space that emerged after the demolition of the old military housing buildings on Izmit Şahabettin Bilgisu Street was used as free parking for a long time. METROPOLITAN EMPOWERED Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, evacuated the vehicles in this area. [more…]


President Dogan examined the work of the tram

Mayor Doğan examined the tram works on site: İzmit Mayor Dr. Nevzat Doğan made examinations in Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard in Yenişehir neighborhood, where tram works continue. İzmit Municipality Council member to İzmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan for the investigations. [more…]


Baby caring for trees on the tram route

Baby affection for the trees on the tram route: The Tramway Project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is moving rapidly towards the city center. The contractor firm could not leave the Yahya Kaptan Mahallesi where it started construction; However, rail laying works in the center of Izmit are starting soon. TREES ARE REMOVED WITH CARE Tram [more…]