modern lighting in izmir street

Modern Lighting in Izmir Street

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to create streets with night and day living throughout the province, renewed the lighting poles of İzmir Street in the center of Manisa. Metropolitan Municipality, which provides efficient lighting to the street with led lighting poles, [more…]

izmir street market traffic closed
45 Manisa

Izmir Street Market Is Closed To Traffic

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality's eco-friendly electric bus project on the Izmir Street between the Sheikh Fenari Mosque and Cumhuriyet Primary School road line-painting work will be performed in the area. Metropolitan Municipality on the subject made [more…]

35 Izmir

From İZBAN Station to the City

From the IZBAN Station to the City Inside, the City Vision Meeting organized by Aliağa Chamber of Commerce (ALTO), which took place last Sunday, brought issues that were not included in the agenda of the participants. MURAT [more…]