Brotherhood bridge between Izmir and Valencia
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Brotherhood Bridge Between İzmir and Valencia

Ege Young Businessmen Association has added a new one to its international business trips organized by its members in order to increase their international market connections and contribute to their export capacities. EGİAD Participation of Board Members, International Relations [more…]

buca metro will improve the quality of life in Izmir
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Quality of Life Will Increase in Buca Metro

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who attended the January ordinary assembly meeting of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, called for a union of forces for the goal of "Izmir, a world city". Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) January ordinary [more…]

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Izmir Fair was the Star Tram

The Star of İzmir Fair Became Tram: İzmir People, 85. He visited the tram which was specially brought for İzmir International Fair, he examined it and liked it very much. The children were happy with the toy tram that was distributed at the Izmir Metro stand. [more…]

mass transportation fair organization in izmir
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Izmir Metro is Waiting for Children at Fair

İzmir Metro is waiting for children at the Fair: Thousands of children will enjoy the pleasure of driving a train thanks to the simulation of metro vehicles at the stand to be set up in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality street at İzmir International Fair. The subway car simulation he installs every year [more…]

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İZBANa fair setting

Fair setting for İZBAN: İZBAN commissioned 83 additional flights at night for the visitors of İzmir International Fair, which will open its doors for the 6rd time this year. 00.23, 00.46, 00.58 from Menemen, 00.17, 00.37 from Cumaovası and [more…]