Is izban striking
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Is İZBAN Strike Breaking?

It was claimed that he was a "strike breaker" by continuing his voyages between Çiğli-Airport with seven retired mechanics working within the İZBAN management. IZBAN Management, on the other hand, said in a statement, “İZBAN, in order to reduce the victimization caused by the strike, during peak hours. [more…]

izban strike severely injured
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İZBAN Strike Life Was Paralyzed

The first day of the week began with a strike in Izmir. İzmir Suburb System (İZBAN) management and the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Railroad-İş (TİS) negotiations could not be reached in the negotiations between the employees of the İZBAN strike. Get on 300 a day [more…]

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Statement by İZBAN Before the Strike

İZBAN management claimed that the İzmir Branch of the Railway Workers Union (Demiryol-İş), which decided to strike to begin tomorrow, made the people and employees of İzmir aggrieved, and the average wages formed as a result of their 22 percent offer in İzmir. [more…]

Monday strikes on Monday
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Monday Strikes Begins in İZBAN

In İzmir's inner-city suburban system İZBAN, İzmir Suburban System AŞ offered a 19.43 percent raise to the workers. Voting was held yesterday in İZBAN, where 342 workers are employed. 320 workers rejected the employer's offer. [more…]

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Staff crisis grows in İZBAN

In İZBAN, which has a partnership structure, the staff request of the subcontractor cleaning workers was not accepted after the private security guards. The bureaucrats of the institution did not accept the petition of the subcontracted workers to be recruited. TCDD and [more…]

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Union antagonism was approved in İZBAN

The decision of reinstatement in the lawsuit filed by private security officers who were dismissed on the grounds that they were unionized in İZBAN was approved by the Court of Cassation. Rail transport operated jointly by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD [more…]

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More secure with İZBAN X-Ray devices

Safer with İZBAN X-Ray devices: A new era has started in the security of İZBAN, which is used by tens of thousands of citizens in İzmir every day. İZBAN management uses X-Ray devices to the entrance turnstiles of 38 stations against increasing terrorist incidents. [more…]

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This Decision Is Not Dark Hands

İZBAN personnel took this decision, not dark hands: Demiryol-İş İzmir Branch President Ervüz said, “This decision was taken by İZBAN personnel, not dark hands. We took the decision of the strike by voting as the Railway-İş Union. Aziz Bey's [more…]

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TCDD employees support the İZBAN strike

Support from the TCDD employees to the İZBAN strike: The strike that has started since the collective bargaining agreement was not reached in İZBAN continues. The workers received support from TCDD workers, who were in the same sector. TCDD partnership with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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Grevde insistence is an ordeal

The insistence of the strike was an ordeal for the people of İzmir: The failure of the trains due to the İZBAN strike interferes with the transportation. Dogan AK Party, the Ministry has entered into action, but the union's rejection of the proposal provided a serious wage increase, Izmir said [more…]

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Press Release from Demiryol-Is Union

Press release from the Demiryol-İş Union: After the collective bargaining negotiations between İZBAN, which carries out collective transportation between Aliağa and Torbalı at a distance of 111 kilometers in İzmir, by rail system, and the Demiryol-İş Union, the employees started a strike. [more…]

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Passengers who are unaware of the strike

Passengers who are unaware of the İZBAN strike react: The strike started in İZBAN A.Ş., which operates a suburb between Aliağa and Torbalı, which constitutes the important pillar of urban transportation in İZMİR, due to the disagreement in the collective agreement negotiations. urban in İZMİR [more…]

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Suburban shortage of public transport in Izmir

Suburban shortage in İzmir public transportation: A strike started in İZBAN A.Ş., which operates a suburb between Aliağa and Torbalı, which constitutes the important pillar of urban transportation in İzmir, due to the disagreement in the collective agreement negotiations. People faced with the strike [more…]

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İZBANda began to strike

The strike started in İZBAN: After the contract negotiations between the Demiryol-İş Union and İZBAN AŞ in İzmir did not yield any results, the workers started the strike. Failure to reach an agreement in the ongoing contract negotiations between the Railway-İş Union and İZBAN AŞ [more…]