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Kolin Construction Withdraws From IGA

Kolin İnşaat has decided to transfer its shares in İGA, the operator of the third airport in Istanbul, with which it is a partner in various businesses. İGA, which realized the Istanbul New Airport project with the Build-Operate-Transfer model and undertook its operation for 25 years. [more…]

flooded airport terminal

3. Airport Terminal Flooded

There are still significant deficiencies in the third airport, which will be opened two weeks later in Istanbul. A video published by İnşaat-İş Union revealed that the roof of the airport terminal was leaking from many points during a downpour. [more…]

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Third Airport 29 to Open in October Date

Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, stated that they plan to open the first phase of Istanbul 3rd Airport, which will be the largest in the world when completed, as of October 29, Republic Day, and said, “Our work continues uninterruptedly.” said. [more…]

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3. 57 percent of airport completed

The number of employees at Istanbul Third Airport, which is under construction, has exceeded 30 thousand. Once completed, the airport will provide employment for 225 thousand people. One of Turkey's mega projects, Istanbul Third Airport is also an important employment center. [more…]

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3. 225 at the airport

One of Turkey's mega projects, Istanbul Third Airport is also an important employment center. While the number of employees in the construction of the airport exceeds 30 thousand, when it is completed, it will create employment for 225 thousand people directly and indirectly. Third [more…]

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Third Airport approval

The approval of the ground for the third airport will be built: The geological, geotechnical and geophysical studies of the 7 thousand 757 hectare area where the Istanbul Third Airport, which will be among the biggest in the world, will be built, have been completed. Environment and [more…]