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IDO Ships Online

The suspension of IDO A.Ş. (Istanbul Sea Buses) domestic flights on the grounds that it caused damage created a cold shower effect. According to the news of Çiğdem TOKER from SÖZCÜ, the event is the responsibility of İDO, which provides public transportation services at sea. [more…]

ido ic stopped the line flights
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Why did IDO stop domestic flights?

Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO), which recently reduced the number of domestic and international flights, 1 completely closes domestic flights in Istanbul as of December. The company is able to obtain funds from some of its fleet [more…]

marmaray trains
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New Line for İETT, İDO and Marmaray Flights

It has been announced that the MR5 Yenikapı Coast-Yenikapı Marmaray line, which is planned by Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations (İETT) in accordance with IDO and Marmaray/Metro timetable, will be put into service on 7 September. Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO), [more…]

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IDO and BUDO expedition cancellations

IDO and BUDO expedition cancellations: Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO) and Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO) announced that they canceled some of their flights due to adverse weather conditions in the Marmara Sea. IDO's canceled flights are as follows: 06:30 [more…]

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IDO cancels all domestic sea bus services

IDO canceled all domestic sea bus services: Some of the international flights of Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO) were canceled due to adverse weather conditions. According to the statement made by İDO, 06.30 Bursa-Yenikapı-KadıköyBeşiktaş, 07.10 [more…]

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Ido And Budo Cancellation

İdo And Budo Numerous Campaigns Cancellation: İDO, BUDO expeditions are taking place. Sea transportation air barrier in Istanbul… Numerous IDO and BUDO sea bus services were canceled. There are cancellations at sea. [more…]

16 Bursa

Abandoned snow barrier, IDO and BUDO flights canceled

Snow barrier to transportation, İDO and BUDO flights were canceled: İDO's Yenikapı-Bandırma, Bandırma-Yenikapı-Bostancı and Bursa-Yenikapı-Kadıköy flights were canceled. Of BUDO Kabataş-Mudanya, Armutlu-Kabataş and Bursa-Kabataş flights were also canceled due to the weather opposition. Istanbul [more…]

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İDOBÜS is going on in history

İDOBÜS becomes history: Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO) has decided to terminate the İDOBÜS service. In the statement made by İDO; The decision to terminate the İDOBÜS service, which started between Istanbul and Bursa in March 2012, as of January 2, 2014. [more…]

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Does Bursa matter for Istanbul?

Is Bursa important for Istanbul? If Bursa was not near Istanbul; what would be its urbanization and its last situation and how its future would be discussed. Some Anatolian cities host international organizations [more…]

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Two years without tracing

Two years without a train The last train from Pendik to Haydarpaşa 18 June 2013 Tuesday night at 23.40. The railway will be renewed within the scope of Marmaray Project. Two years off line. Over 100 [more…]


Turkey will spend the Eid holidays on roads

With a very short time before the Eid al-Fitr, the preparations for the Eid holiday intensified. Although there is no unification, necessary measures are taken for those who want to spend their short holiday outside the city, while this holiday is about 2 months. [more…]